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“I just want to make music that makes me feel good. I want to speak impeccable words, as taught to me by my elders, so that when I sing them joy radiates from my heart and affects the people around me in a good way. The songs of LIFT, are good medicine.” - Andrea

Prepare for LIFT off!
April 4, 2014

The official release date of Andrea’s new album, Lift, is May 3, 2014. The 12 uplifting tunes, written by Andrea and Robert Walsh, will be available on iTunes. Hard copies of the CD will be available from Indie Pool.

Join The Lift Expedition – Andrea will be touring to the following cities during May & June: (They are still adding dates so please keep abreast of the website or facebook event).

Concert teaser from Heart Powered Films

May 11, 2014 - Saskatoon
Broadway Theatre - 715 Broadway Avenue
Tickets: $22 - Box Office: 306-652-6556

May 14, 2014 - Calgary
Self Connection Books - 125- 4611 Bowness Rd NW
Tickets: $20 at door or online at

May 16, 2014 - Edmonton
Jeffrey’s Café & Wine Bar - 9640 - 142nd Street
Tickets: $10 at door or by phone 780-451-8890

May 23, 2014 - Vancouver
Vancouver Unitarian Church - 949 West 49th Avenue (at Oak)
Tickets: $22 in person or by phone 604-737-8858 at Banyen Books & Sound, $25 at door,

June 16, 2014 - Toronto
Musideum - Suite 133, 401 Richmond Street West
Tickets: $20 at door or by phone 416-599-7323

June 23, 2014 - Winnipeg
Exchange Community Church - 75 Albert Street
7:30 pm
Tickets: $20 at door


January 20, 2014

Vancouver-based Andrea Menard is releasing her new cd, Lift on May 3, 2014. With three award-winning cds under her belt, this magnetic Métis singer-songwriter and actress has overcome all obstacles, surpassed all expectations and created her best album yet. Andrea, who has performed for royalty, prime ministers, ambassadors, governor generals and sang her song “Peace” to the world’s NATO generals, has created life-long fans with her powerful voice, her songs, and her message of hope. Her new album, Lift, encompasses all of her best qualities and introduces Andrea Menard to the world as a true music messenger.

The talented songstress’ first three albums, Sparkle (2009) Simple Steps (2005) and The Velvet Devil (2002), all feature original songs written by Menard and Robert Walsh, her long-time producer and co-writer. Walsh is an Edmonton-based guitarist, teacher and author, from Montreal who has been described as “the ultimate musician’s musician who has mastered the heart of music.” Marking their fourth collaboration together, Lift is Andrea and Robert’s most ambitious project yet.

For Menard, Lift is a personal and musical turning point. Conceived during a darker time in Andrea’s life, Lift with its unwavering optimism and joy, helped bring her back into the light. Menard and Walsh have created an album that brings a boost of sunshine in times of need. “The more love we put into this album, the more love will come out!” Andrea says. While recording the album, the dynamic duo surrounded themselves with musicians and locations infused with good vibrations. In a straw bale studio built on a beautiful oasis in rural Manitoba, Robert captured the tribal voices, sounds and instruments of celebration and Andrea sang her heart out.

Menard believes in the power of song to change the world, and if she could prove that there is light at the end of the tunnel, Lift would surely be part of the proof. “The songs of Lift” she says, “are good medicine. Take a musical leap of faith.”

LIFT OFF! - scheduled for May 3rd, 2014
January 20, 2014

Although Andrea didn't know it would be a year in the making when she launched her Indiegogo Campaign last April, she is absolutely sure of the rightness of timing. Andrea and producer, Robert Walsh, have not only created the album they wanted, they have surpassed their own expectations.
LIFT, which is scheduled to be released on May 3, 2014, is going to be a winner.

As promised in her Lift Indiegogo Campaign, Andrea would like to thank and brag about the following Lift Backers who chose/were able to contribute $150 or more:

  • Manitoba Métis Federation - David Chartrand
  • Liz & Bill Bertram
  • Ron E. Scott - Prairie Dog Film & TV
  • Kevin Kurulak
  • Bryan Puk
  • Darin Wilson
  • Salvatore Nocitra
  • Centre for Spiritual Living Edmonton Metro
  • Bill Ursel
  • David Venne
  • Shannon MacGillivray
  • Ellen Schueler
  • Dawn Wasacase
  • Margaret & Dollard Menard
  • Bob Archur
  • Alexander Bishop
  • Diane Comeau
  • John & Betsy Bury
  • Chris Besenski
  • Jennifer Blocker
  • Curtis Olsen & Carrie Catherine
  • Robert & Joywind - Tribal Spirit Music

These humble and generous folks were instrumental in tipping the scales in Andrea’s fundraising campaign last April. Having been in contact with all of them, Andrea heard over and over again, of their unwavering belief in her and her music. Each person listed above was determined, and expressed it so, to see Andrea & Robert succeed. For this Andrea is eternally grateful.

A note from Andrea:
“Consider this a “PAGE OF HONOUR”. I ask that you take a moment to read each name and know that their support kept me afloat in this harrowing and wonderful journey to birth Lift. My heart is filled with gratitude for such beautiful, giving human beings, and I want it known that I LOVE all my Lift Backers. Meegwetch friends!”

July 19, 2013

You helped Andrea raise

Andrea is grateful to all the Lift backers who contributed to her Indiegogo campaign back in April. Because of her generous fans, she is currently recording her next record, Lift.

Update on the Recording:

In keeping with the spirit of the album, Andrea and producer, Robert Walsh, have invited beautiful human beings to be a part of this musical project. The chosen musicians and vocalists are not only incredibly talented, they are also highly conscious, loving individuals who care about others and the planet. “The more love we put into this album, the more love will come out!” says Andrea.

Andrea and Robert recorded the bed tracks at Unity Gain Productions in Roseisle, MB, where owner/producer, Don Benedictson, has created an environmentally-conscious recording oasis in the beautiful country of rural Manitoba. Andrea, Robert and Don spent 4 days with drummer, Daniel Roy, putting down the rhythm section of her and Robert’s original songs. The new tunes have truly been “lift”ed off the ground.

A few weeks later, Andrea travelled to Edmonton to record her lead vocals in Robert’s home studio, Time & Place Studios. After absorbing the fantastic grooves of what the rhythm section laid down, Andrea sang her heart out. For a week straight.

Then, they travelled to Saskatoon to record back up vocals with her amazing Saskatchewan contingent of talented vocalists at Sound Lounge with owner/musician T-Bone. The talented team of singers to participate were Stephen Maguire, Carrie Catherine (who literally went into labour during recording with her second child!), Dawn Wasacase, and Roy Sydiaha.

What next?
Now comes the addition of other kindred musicians and vocalists from all over. Andrea and Robert will continue to travel and record their favourite musicians and vocalists to add the magical layers of Lift.

Stay tuned for video footage of the recording process!