Andrea Menard-River

"River of Nations is a song of reconciliation written by Alex Cuba, Heather Rankin and me. The song was recorded aboard an icebreaker ship on a journey from coast to coast to coast called the Canada C3 Expedition. Our leg, Leg 2, travelled down the St. Lawrence River from Montreal to Baie Comeau, Quebec. So much beauty, so much history. And we three artists tried to capture it all in our song. We used our different backgrounds and gifts to leave a legacy of hope for a united Canada. We included multiple languages: English, French, Mohawk, and Spanish, to reflect the diverse nature of this journey and our country. Just as the Canada C3 voyage was a journey of reconciliation, River of Nations was a journey of reconciliation too. Please enjoy our attempt to bring some beauty to this world."
- Andrea Menard

"Here is a fun little video to uplift your day. I Love My Life was written by Robert Walsh and me."
- Andrea Menard
You can find it on Andrea's LIFT album available here.

"Evergreen was written by Robert Walsh and me, and this was my very first video. It was produced by Big Soul Productions, and directed by Tony Hrynchuk."
- Andrea Menard
Evergreen can be found on Andrea's Sparkle album here.


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