Andrea Menard-River

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Keynote Speaker

Andrea Menard is an accomplished Métis singer, actress, and speaker who crosses cultural and language boundaries by speaking from her heart. One of the stars of the Netflix series, Blackstone, Andrea has released four award-winning cds, has written and starred in two television programs, and has performed and spoken all over the world.

Andrea Menard is known for her weekly Messages from the Patchwork Grandmothers, which provide simple strategies for a more authentic life, as well as her award-winning album, Lift, which inspires listeners to draw more positive music into their lives. As a professional speaker, she uses her life as a Métis celebrity, a Music Messenger, and an advocate for reconciliation to entertain and inspire audiences from all walks of life. Whether she is addressing a hall of businesswomen, a high security room full of NATO Generals, or a stadium of Aboriginal youth, her humorous musical keynotes land exactly where they need to – in the heart.

Andrea has been hired as the keynote speaker for such varied organizations as the Wiichihiwayshinawn Foundation’s Métis Awards, UNICEF (Stuttgart, Germany), All Nations Hope AIDS Society, Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), Aboriginal Housing, and the Saskatoon CHW (Hadassah-WIZO) and Congregation Agudas Israel sponsored Silver Spoon Dinner.

This inspiring, and funny Medicine Talker continues to bring joy and break down barriers wherever she goes.

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Keynote Topics

Own your Voice, Hone Your Brilliance

Have you been criticized for being too emotional? Are you successfully using your masculine qualities, but when your feminine qualities come forth, you clam up? Are you forcing yourself to fit into an old system? It might be time to Own Your Voice and Hone Your Brilliance.

According to Elders, it is time for the Sacred Feminine to shine.
For this to happen, women and men must let their authentic self step out of the shadows and into the light.

Let critically acclaimed, Métis performer and TEDx speaker, Andrea Menard, help you change the system from within by finding and honouring your authentic feminine voice. Do not fret if no one recognizes your unique feminine talents. This culture does not know how…yet.
That is our job. To show them how bright and beautiful this world can be.

With the wisdom of her Indigenous culture, Andrea Menard will help you own your voice and hone your brilliance. For that is what you came here to do.

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Reconciliation: A Journey Out of “Us & Them”

As a Métis woman who has lived a life of Reconciliation, celebrated Métis actress and singer Andrea Menard is committed to making the invitation set forth by the Truth & Reconciliation Commission to “seek reconciliation with Indigenous people”, simple, straight forward and pain free. With a true desire to bring communities together, Andrea fearlessly promotes a mindset that has no lines of division between culture or race.

Andrea’s uplifting keynote offers effective strategies, provides missing knowledge, and creates a safe space for those businesses and organizations interested in creating better relationships with their fellow Indigenous Canadians.

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Honouring Your Voice in the Circle

Having discovered the power of her own voice, Métis singer and actress, Andrea Menard, helps others find and honour their voice in the circle.

Trained in singing, strengthening the speaking voice and improving public speaking skills, Andrea also helps others understand the broader idea of Voice. Voice is laughter, freedom, equality, and community. Andrea believes that in order to have a healthy circle, the voices in the circle must be healthy and strong. Let Andrea show you how to be heard over the noise. Her uplifting keynotes focus on the joy of sharing and listening, as well as the importance of bringing voices together.

Through her passion for promoting healthy voices, Andrea inspires deep change in individuals looking to improve their vocal capacity and organizations looking to create stronger leaders.

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Awakening the Knowledge Keepers

In Native oral traditions, Knowledge Keepers were the gifted craftspeople, wise ones, and storytellers who apprenticed under an experienced teacher. They knew their responsibility in maintaining the wellbeing of the tribe and used their gifts wisely. The role of the Knowledge Keeper was sacred.

Métis actress and singer, Andrea Menard helps organizations find out where this wisdom fits in today’s world. She identifies the present day Knowledge Keepers and assists them in reclaiming their gifts. Andrea encourages others to end the cycle of competition and begin a culture of sharing. Individuals become dissatisfied and ineffective when they are unsure of their purpose. Andrea’s transformative teachings around awakening and communal purpose will help individuals remember their purpose and will motivate any organization to reach its fullest potential.

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A Happy Tune Made It Happen

Why isn’t my happiness staying?

If you are like Métis celebrity Andrea Menard, you probably thought or hoped your “lack of happiness” was someone else’s fault. Andrea’s fun, musical keynote will reveal how a simple change in awareness can change your tune. By uncovering some of the ways she let negative programs in her mind, Andrea took happiness by the horns and let music boost her daily joy. Andrea’s journey of becoming a Music Messenger will make you laugh, sing, and wake you up to your happier potential.

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