Grandmother Wind
Patchwork Grandmothers

“The Patchwork Grandmothers are my ancestral teachers from the Spirit Realm who lovingly guide my life. They have inspired me to share their wisdom with others. Because my spirit name is Grandmother Wind, I like to call myself the “Grandmother on the Ground”.”

Hello my family! Thanks for your interest in joining my patchwork tribe of warm-hearted companions! I am proud to offer you a more personal way to connect with me every week.

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Some of you may know me as an actress and a singer, and a proud advocate of my Métis heritage. If you are new to my Messages from the Patchwork Grandmothers, let me give you a little introduction.

After walking into my own Spirit name, which is Notigwew Yutin in Cree and Grandmother Wind in English, I began to understand my deep connection to a group of Spiritual Grandmothers, who I lovingly called the Patchwork Grandmothers. Their teachings are meant to bring us closer to the Sacred Mother, to the natural world, and to our spiritual centre. This wisdom is certainly needed in the world. Once I realized I had a responsibility to share the Patchwork Grandmothers wisdom, I began sending out 5-minute videos on all my social media channels called, Messages from the Patchwork Grandmothers. Each week, my tribe would receive a new message of grandmotherly wisdom to help them find balance and meaning in the simple, natural things in life.

Here is a link to watch some of the videos.

Since that time, I have been developing my own connection and delivering more and more content for my tribe to experience my Grandmother wisdom. This includes workshops, keynote speeches, online programs, articles, and ceremonies. See the links below for more information: