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Through Sacred Retreats, Workshops, Live Events, Healing modalities, and Online Courses, I will help you find comfort living in your own Sacred skin. Whether you are ready for a bigger life, or you are just wanting to stop the cycle of exhaustion, it is time to say YES to your Goddess and grow into that beautiful Sacred Self.


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Feeling triggered, freaked out, or activated by strong emotion?

I have created an easy-to-use healing process called the Four Sacred Bodies Ritual to help you return to centre quickly.

Get from Totally Triggered to Completely Calm in just 11:11 minutes.

Enjoy this free gift today and let your Life to return to balance.

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Let me uplift you with positive messages, good news, and topics that relate to Indigenous wisdom and the Rise of the Sacred Feminine.

As an entertainer, a Song Keeper, a messenger, and an expert in Feminine Leadership, I offer you tips and quips about your Sacred nature, and your part in our beautifully changing world.

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join a Sacred Retreat

Need a break from the noise? Feeling called to go inward? Want to explore tropical Sacred lands?

I invite all initiates of the Sacred Feminine to put their Feet on the Earth, and journey with me to various Sacred locations around the globe.

I will help you relax, release and rejuvenate as you dive deep into your Sacred Self.

Next Retreat takes place in Hawai’i on April 18th - 25th, 2020.

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lead like a goddess

Don’t trust your own voice? Not being recognized for your efforts and talents? Feeling exhausted after work? Develop the art of Feminine Leadership.

Having to work and develop skills within a Masculine model, many women and heart-centred men struggle with exhaustion, lack of recognition, disillusionment, and invisibility. I help you move identify and amplify your Inner Goddess and your natural ways of operating in the world.

You will discover tools to own your voice, express your innate creativity, take your rightful place in society and lead like a Goddess.

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Four sacred bodies work

Having trouble meditating? Unable to express your emotions safely? Feeling disconnected from your own Spirit?

I have developed a healing method to help you find peace in your own skin.

Learn how to communicate with your Physical Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body and Spiritual Body. Using the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel, you will discover that you have the tools within you to tackle any of life’s problems. Learn to access the deep well of knowledge hidden within you.

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Online Program coming soon.

Are high stress levels, health concerns, and financial instability forcing you to change?
Welcome to the Rise of the Sacred Feminine!

According to my Indigenous Elders, humanity is entering the time where Feminine Leadership must emerge to change our trajectory from one of self-destruction to one of creative evolution. I’m here to help you find your role in this change.
— Andrea Menard