Feet on the Earth Retreats

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for an 8-day

Sacred Women’s Retreat with Grandmother Wind

on the big island of hawai’i

April 18th - 25th, 2020

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Honour Your Sacred Feminine


An Initiation into the Sacred Feminine

Grandmother Wind invites all initiates of the Sacred Feminine to put their Feet On the Earth and retreat to the Big Island of Hawai’i, the home of the Kanaka Maoli (traditional people.) 

The ultimate act of honouring the Sacred Feminine is to honour your own Sacred Self.

This inaugural Women’s Gathering will dive deep into the Sacred Self by helping you learn to better communicate with your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies.

(Men and Two Spirited Males, see bottom of page.)

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April 18 - 25, 2020

With help from the deeply Feminine island of Hawai’i, honouring your Four Sacred Bodies will be just one more way to ride the wave of self-love.
— Grandmother Wind

The homeland of the Fire Goddess… Pelehonuamea


As your Feet travel softly through the lava beds, the rainforests, the oceans, the caves, and the volcanoes of this Sacred Island, Pelehonuamea will help you travel through the initiations of your Sacred Self. These initiations will be guided by the work on your Four Sacred Bodies.


Following Proper protocols

Grandmother Wind and Feet on the Earth Retreats follow proper protocols by asking permission and acknowledging the Kanaka Maoli of the Big Island of Hawai’i.

Traditional Elders and Knowledge Keepers will be present and integrated into the teachings of the Retreat. You will meet Kumus that offer greetings, ceremonies, songs, and teachings throughout your visit. 


Keeping it intimate

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limited space available


The location

Hawaii is one of the most ecologically diverse places in the world, and actually has many varied climates on the Big Island. Yes, it has hot, sandy beaches, but that’s not all. The Big Island is known more for its five major volcanoes (three are currently active!), its lava beds, its distinct micro-climates and its intensely powerful goddess, Pelehonuamea.

“Mother Nature pulled out all the stops when she created this place.... Waterfalls of unimaginable beauty, giant cliffs that tower above crashing waves, rivers of molten lava, snow-capped peaks, barren deserts, lava fields, rainforests, and valleys of indescribable beauty adorn this sacred land. There is no other place quite as magical as this one.” 

— www.hawaii-guide.com

The Mermaid Photographer

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Grandmother Wind is partnering with Biologist, writer and under water photographer Susan Knight of Susan Knight Studios. Susan is a competent Water Woman (some say Mermaid), naturalist guide, snorkeling instructor, diving instructor, and experienced facilitator of meditation and adventure retreats.

Susan is the innovator of the personalized Water Messages photo shoot, which captures images in such a way as to allow Water Wisdom to arise into Self knowledge. All participants have the option to purchase her various packages.

Susan will lead you into the beauty and deepness that is Hawai’i. She knows that being in nature and truly Listening is the key to connecting with Mother Earth, to each other, and to your own Sacred Self.

All the photos on this page (except the Pele photo) were taken by Susan Knight. Come see why the Mermaid Photographer has fallen in love with the Big Island.


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The 8-day Retreat for 2020 pricing will be announced soon.



With a land as varied as a Human Spirit, there is no better place to connect and communicate with your Four Sacred Bodies than Hawai’i Island. This is a travelling retreat. You will experience three unique accommodations designed to help you journey into each of your Four Sacred Bodies.

** As Pele is a living, active volcano, you can never 100% guarantee anything on the island. So let’s just say, that if our locations are no longer available, we will find another equally suitable accommodation to replace it.

1) You will explore, nurture, and immerse the Physical Body at Mermaid Dreams Bed & Breakfast where you will swim, snorkel, breathe and get your first taste of the teachings of the Four Sacred Bodies.


2) Next, you will activate, stimulate, and soothe your Emotional Body at Akuaha, an Eco-Retreat centre near the Volcano. Here you will delve deeper into Pele’s fire at the Volcano National Park.


3) For the Mental Body, you will expand, focus and spend time on the newest land on the earth. Nothing like the Lava Sanctuary andthe lava fields to open your Mind.


4) As you come full circle, you will find yourself feeling whole and more able to embody your Spiritual Body. Back at our Mermaid Dreams Bed & Breakfast, you will centre, integrate, and prepare to return home.  

*** Some of these locations will be private, quiet, and cozy, which means we will not be sharing the resort with other groups, but you will most likely be sharing accommodations with one other person.

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Feet on the Earth Retreats



To all the men and Two Spirited males who are called to this retreat:

Grandmother Wind is hosting a second 4-day retreat in April next year as well. Contact Andrea if you are interested in joining us. Men and all genders are welcome!

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