A Love Letter to Men

As someone who has immersed herself in the deep mystery of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine, I’ve come to a place where I must stop and take a moment to give thanks.

Thanks to Men in particular.

To the Men in my life, and to Men in general.  Thank you.

Many of you came forth with loving arms, tender hearts, and strong shoulders when I needed you most. You rose up to say, “I’m sorry” when my Soul needed to hear that more than life itself. You took accountability for hurts that you did not commit just to bring healing to my heart. You helped me shine my Feminine Power and responded to its beauty. I am forever grateful.

So I want to return the favour.

The Year of the "Rise of the Sacred Feminine"

The Year of the "Rise of the Sacred Feminine"

I have named 2019 to be, “The Year of the Rise of the Sacred Feminine.” In truth, the rise of the Sacred Feminine has been going on for decades. I just think we should put words on paper about this shift from a Masculine-aligned world to one where both the Feminine and the Masculine principals are revered. The more we record our observations of a shifting paradigm, the more evidence will appear.

What is Feminine Leadership

As an expert in Feminine Leadership, I’ve been asked what exactly Feminine Leadership means. Of course, on first glance it seems to mean women in leadership, which of course it can mean. But that is not the full meaning.

Feminine leadership is another one of the 21st century leadership models emerging out of the old, hierarchical, top-down, control leadership model. Just like service leadership, Indigenous leadership, team, collaborative or mission-oriented leadership, Feminine leadership focuses on a well-rounded, healthier approach to business and community. 


My Top Ten Holiday Gift List

My Top Ten Holiday Gift List

I was feeling the Spirit of the holidays and wanted to align with the teachings of the Patchwork Grandmothers and other ancient teachers about true service. So what is true service exactly?

Service is a gift from the heart and mind. True service is to give freely of yourself with no expectations of receiving anything in return. You do me a great honour by reading my blog. Please accept a gift from me that helps you with 10 gift Ideas for the holidays. Plus, I love the fact that I can help support these amazing people/companies.