I See You

Sometimes there is nothing more healing than just a simple acknowledgement of being seen for who you really are.

So I thought I would let you know that I SEE YOU today. I see you. I see the steps you take that build a beautiful journey. I see you.

Let me be the one to see you for all those who missed the opportunity to see the glory of you. Let me be the one to see you for all that you have done. For all that you have said. For all the beauty you have created. For the small changes you made that add up to enormous shifts. I see your triumphs. I see your challenges.

And I thank you.

You Are a Witness

You are living in a critical time in our history.  

A time that our Indigenous Elders are calling the Rise of the Sacred Feminine. A time of great rebalancing. When the masses awaken from a centuries old slumber. A time when the genocide and ecocide, that has been occurring for hundreds and hundreds of years, is no longer happening in the shadows.

You are alive during this time. And you are feeling that something is wrong.

You may or not be a victim of genocide, but you are most certainly a witness to the imbalance of power in this world. You have seen the violence, disempowerment, discrimination, and poverty that plagues the vulnerable in your own community. You are alive to witness it.

The Rise of Positive Music

There has always been positive, uplifting music. But did the songwriters of old intentionally write positive music to uplift themselves or to uplift others. Who knows? The modern day rise in positive music is all about promoting the well-being of the people. A decision to raise the consciousness of the ones who listen.

Positive music is not just a newly-created genre, it is an evolution in intention by songwriters everywhere. When once we musicians wrote about all our pain and suffering, now we choose to write about subjects that uplift and promote happiness. This is a major shift in consciousness.

There are many of you who are no longer interested in letting any old song be programmed into your brain. You don’t want songs of lust, greed, revenge, and victimhood affecting your emotional energy. You are beginning to guard the content that enters your field like a healthy person who watches their sugar intake.  

Tell the Truth

Tell the Truth


If you are like me, you probably think that you tell the truth; you consider yourself to be an honest person. Most of us do. But, when we scratch the surface a little, most of us participate in a form of socially acceptable lying. 

The Rise of the Sacred Feminine invites us to look at this behaviour with clear, forgiving eyes.


Telling the truth means being honest with others, but first we must be honest with ourselves. We must admit to ourselves that sometimes we lie to cover something up. To hide something from ourselves or others that we consider shameful. This lie is a defensive act. Before we even know what’s happening, we rush in to defend ourselves against some word, some action, or even some thought that we wish we could take back. Sometimes others do not know what on earth we are defending.


Play in Your Womb of Creation

Feeling uninspired in your work? Feeling a little shy of your financial goals? Unable to find peace in your relationship?

I have a little game I would like to share with you. It’s called “Playing in your Womb of Creation.”  Before we get to the game, I need to lay down some truths that the Patchwork Grandmothers have passed on. We must remember these simple truths:

 -      Human Beings are the masters (and caretakers) of the Earth Realm.

-      The Earth Realm is a creative realm, where all things originate in the Womb of Creation. 

-      The Womb of Creation is the dreaming place before things can be manifested in the Physical world. 

-      Human Beings are the Dreamers of the world. 

-      Know it or not, you are planting your dreams in the Womb of Creation every moment of your life. 

 Everything begins in the realm of the Sacred Feminine. In the silence, in the dreaming, through receptivity, through deep listening, and through allowance.


Are We Afraid of Silence?

I am a sensitive individual and its no secret that the Music Messengers was born to satisfy a need within me to build a gentler world where the noise level of our 21st century lifestyle is turned down a notch or two. Or three. And the subject matter of our thoughts, and musical creations, is dialled a degree or two towards the sunshine.

We have reached the highest point of chaos and I’m encouraging the pendulum to swing back the other way, at least back to centre.


Why have we grown so accustomed to loud music? When did it become acceptable to shout to be heard in retail shops, in restaurants, or even walking down a busy street? 


Are we so afraid of the silence that we’ve lost our ability to sit in it?