Tell the Truth

Tell the Truth


If you are like me, you probably think that you tell the truth; you consider yourself to be an honest person. Most of us do. But, when we scratch the surface a little, most of us participate in a form of socially acceptable lying. 


The Rise of the Sacred Feminine invites us to look at this behaviour with clear, forgiving eyes.


Telling the truth means being honest with others, but first we must be honest with ourselves. We must admit to ourselves that sometimes we lie to cover something up. To hide something from ourselves or others that we consider shameful. This lie is a defensive act. Before we even know what’s happening, we rush in to defend ourselves against some word, some action, or even some thought that we wish we could take back. Sometimes others do not know what on earth we are defending.



This socially acceptable lying is getting us into trouble. It adds a thick, defensive layer of protection on top of who we really are. It disconnects us from each other, from our friends, and from our Source of Creation. It’s the thing that stands in our way of being real, of being seen, and really truly making a connection on this planet. 


How can we let ourselves be seen authentically if we are ashamed of who we are?


But here is the good news. All you need to do is to become aware of it. You don’t have to rush in and add even more defensive protection around this disconnection. No. There is no need to change, no need to judge—just become aware. 


A part of you needs to lie.  But your Spirit doesn’t. 

your spirit doesn’t need to lie

Your Spirit knows all truth and doesn’t need lies to cover things up. So, maybe then, this is an opportunity for you to connect with your Spirit, to connect with that higher wisdom that you are instead. 

You are a Sacred Being. 

Connect with your Sacred Self first. Realize that there is no need to hide. There’s no need to lie, because who you are is worthy of love. You are worthy of being seen, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. 


The Sacred Feminine invites you to see your beauty, and your perfection.  

You are allowed to make mistakes. You are also allowed to own your mistakes. Let others see who you are, for you are beautiful. You are worthy of deep, deep love and respect, and even when you make mistakes.  You are allowed to laugh at yourself.

You are worthy of being forgiven, too. 


So, forgive yourself. 

Tell the truth and let that light shine.