The Rise of Positive Music

There has always been positive, uplifting music. But did the songwriters of old intentionally write positive music to uplift themselves or to uplift others. Who knows? The modern day rise in positive music is all about promoting the well-being of the people. A decision to raise the consciousness of the ones who listen.

Positive music is not just a newly-created genre, it is an evolution in intention by songwriters everywhere. When once we musicians wrote about all our pain and suffering, now we choose to write about subjects that uplift and promote happiness. This is a major shift in consciousness.

There are many of you who are no longer interested in letting any old song be programmed into your brain. You don’t want songs of lust, greed, revenge, and victimhood affecting your emotional energy. You are beginning to guard the content that enters your field like a healthy person who watches their sugar intake.  


Taking care of ourselves in this way is a natural progression in Human Evolution. The rise in positive music is also evidence of the Rise of the Sacred Feminine. 


In the following video, you will meet a few positive musicians, sometimes called Music Messengers, who saw the need to create healthy, uplifting music for you. Consider their music an act of service.


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