You Are a Witness

You Are a Witness 


You are living in a critical time in our history.  

A time that our Indigenous Elders are calling the Rise of the Sacred Feminine. A time of great rebalancing. When the masses awaken from a centuries old slumber. A time when the genocide and ecocide, that has been occurring for hundreds and hundreds of years, is no longer happening in the shadows.

You are alive during this time. And you are feeling that something is wrong.

You may or not be a victim of genocide, but you are most certainly a witness to the imbalance of power in this world. You have seen the violence, disempowerment, discrimination, and poverty that plagues the vulnerable in your own community. You are alive to witness it.

And you may not be the victim of ecocide, but you are most certainly one of Mother Earth’s children. You are a witness to climate change, and environmental destruction. Because it’s been happening in your community, not just overseas somewhere. You are alive to witness it.


As a witness, you are investigating the truth. You are pulling the veil off the hidden atrocities, because you want the violence to stop. You want to bring light to the darkness. And live in a world that works for everyone. 

 You are part of this awakening. 

You are a witness

 You are part of the Rise of the Sacred Feminine.

 All of you are made up of Four Sacred Bodies. The Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Body. Which means all of you have sensations, thoughts and feelings. Am I right in saying that the Witnesses alive today are subjected to a lot of feelings?



That is because your empathy is increasing.

You are more aware than ever that it doesn’t feel good to witness the suffering of others. It doesn’t feel good to witness the destruction of our beloved Mother. It hurts. And it makes us suffer. This rise in empathy is part of the Rise of the Sacred Feminine.

Because during the reign of the Sacred Masculine, empathy was not big on the priority list.

Action, expansion, determination, drive and focus are qualities of the Sacred Masculine. These are beautiful qualities and necessary for humanity’s evolution. But somewhere along the way, the qualities of the Sacred Feminine such as inclusion, feeling, nurturing, receptivity, and collaboration, became unappreciated. They were relegated to being “less than” the qualities of the Sacred Masculine. This error in thinking created great imbalance. 


So as a witness, you are being called to FEEL. This is a way you are helping facilitate the Rise of the Sacred Feminine.

Letting yourself feel doesn’t mean you become a compassionate doormat. Nor does it mean you become a raging tyrant. It means that in order to face the atrocities as a witness of this world, you must let the world touch you. To let the pain hit you, so that you know when something has to change. When something doesn’t work, your entire bodys know that something is wrong. Your innate wisdom is very sophisticated….when it is honoured.

First you feel. Then, once the pain has touched you, it is time to LISTEN.

Listening is one of the most important aspects of the Sacred Feminine. Because it requires one to be in a receptive state. It allows higher, intuitive wisdom to be known to you. When you listen, you receive the answers to important questions like:

What is the pain saying?

What isn’t working?

What am I being called to do?

Only when you listen to your feelings, and receive their strong intuitive messages of what is really going on in the world around you, is it time to ACT.

Feel, listen, act.

Feel, Listen, Act

The leaders of the past and present have got this backwards. They would act first, skip the listening phase, and ignore the feelings of pain that any action may have caused. This is an outdated way of living.

It’s time to turn this around.

As a witness to the destruction of Life, you must now become a supporter of Life. In a way that FEELS right to you. You must be comfortable in your increasingly sensitive skin. You must be the protector and driver of your heightened, empathic heart. Because as you respond to the world in a new way, the world changes around you.

Feel, listen, act.

This is the formula that breeds accountability, unity, and reconciliation. This is the formula for correcting the injustices on a global scale. This is the formula for creating a better world.

And you, as a witness, are responsible for helping us usher in a better world. 

Thank you for being alive during this critical time.


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