I See You

Sometimes there is nothing more healing than just a simple acknowledgement of being seen for who you really are.

During this time of the Rise of the Sacred Feminine, we must let our gentle, receptive, inclusive, and compassionate abilities shine through. It may not seem like much to an action-based person, but sometimes the quiet, inner actions taken in gentle, imperceptible ways have the most impact in helping individuals rise up to their best self. Healing the world, one heart at a time, is the way of the Sacred Feminine.

So I thought I would let you know that I SEE YOU today. I see you. I see the gentle steps you take that have been building a beautiful path for others to follow. I see you.

Let me be the one to see you for all those who missed the opportunity to see the glory of you. Let me be the one to see you for all that you have done. For all that you have said. For all the beauty you have created. For the small changes you made that add up to enormous shifts. I see your triumphs. I see your challenges.

And I thank you.

For the communicators, when others couldn’t speak, thank you.

For the listeners, when others needed to talk, thank you.

For the action-takers, when others felt stalled, thank you.

For the protectors, when others felt unsafe, thank you.

For the leaders, when others needed to follow, thank you.

For the logical ones, when others were lost in emotion, thank you.

For the gentle ones, when others needed to be strong, thank you.

For the strong ones, when others needed to be gentle, thank you.

For the providers, when others had a need, thank you.

For the helpers, when things just needed to get done, thank you.

For the wisdom keepers, when others needed guidance, thank you.

For the space-givers, when others needed to be alone, thank you.

For the autonomous ones, when others were clingy, thank you.

For the teachers, when others needed to learn, thank you.

For the laughers, when others needed to uplift their Spirit, thank you.

For the cryers, when others couldn’t feel, thank you.

For the walkers, when others couldn’t see the path, thank you.

For the silent ones, when others needed to hear the quiet, thank you.

For the healers, when the time was right for others to heal, thank you.

Everything you do in the quiet of your own heart, may not always be understood, but has great value for the whole. You are a spark of Life that gives voice to joy, unity, and calm in our stormy world. This is worthy of being seen. Thank you.

Keep on being your glorious Self!



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