Sacred Warriors


Who Are the Sacred Warriors

With the encroachment of oil and gas companies on Indigenous territories; with the ever-growing number of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada; and with the harsh realities that many Indigenous people still face in this country, I want to take the time to acknowledge the Sacred Warriors.

The Sacred Warriors are the vigilant educators, wisdom keepers, cultural advisors, peace makers, and activists, who are working to make our world a better place for all. Their empathy runs deep. Until all of Mother Earth’s children are taken care of, they feel no comfort in their minds or hearts. The Sacred Warriors work to wake us up. And they refuse to let the Canadian mass consciousness, or global mass consciousness, slip back into a forgetful slumber.

Whether you know it or not, you need these Sacred Warriors.

For Sacred Warriors bring to light all the secrets that are kept in the dark. Sacred Warriors fight not only the ignorance of their times, but their own ignorance as well. They won’t settle for anything less than the truth. They refuse to be silenced. And they compel us to do the right thing.

As the Patchwork Grandmothers say, nothing that dwells in the darkness can be truly healed. For healing requires our awareness, our understanding, our transparency, and our compassion. What is hiding in the darkness of your heart?


nothing that dwells in darkness can be truly healed


There have always been Sacred Warriors. But today, they are waking up in numbers. Because they must. Maybe you are one of the ones waking up?

If so, then you know that the Sacred Feminine has been denigrated long enough. The Indigenous children have been stolen for too long. The abuse of Mother Earth and women must stop. Denying our emotions and numbing our pain must stop. For this way of being is killing us.

The Elders say, that this is the time of the Sacred Feminine.

Women and the Land are deeply connected. And when the Land is violated, women are inevitably violated too.

The Sacred Warriors are here to facilitate the rise of the Sacred Feminine. They are a vital part of that transformation from a world where the Sacred Feminine is degraded to one where the Sacred Feminine is revered and honoured. Where the Earth is honoured. Where the women, children and Two Spirits are honoured. Where the Waters of Life are honoured. Where our emotions and deep feelings are honoured.

Through this change in consciousness, the Sacred Warriors are leading the way to a better tomorrow.

Times are changing.


Sacred Warriors are listening to the Ancestors and protecting the Waters.

They are standing on the Earth and letting their feet create a blockade.

They are walking, running, paddling, and biking from coast to coast to coast for cause after cause after cause.

They are opening their throats and singing with the power of many.

They are praying and dancing.

They are reaching out a helping hand instead of throwing stones.

They are using their voice to speak for Mother Earth.

They are speaking for the plants, the fish, and the animals.

They are speaking for the women and children.

Are they are speaking for you too?

If the Sacred Warriors are speaking for you, it might be time to take it upon yourself to speak up. To wake up. To educate yourself. To take action. To open your heart. And as you awaken to your Sacred Warrior potential, you too will facilitate the Rise of the Sacred Feminine. You, too, will be a vessel for more wisdom, fierce compassion, and love. You, too, will create a world that works for all, not just the few.

offering tobacco.jpg

Kinanâskomitin. Thank you.

Tiny History Lesson

If you are reading this, and do not understand the brutal legacy of colonization in Canada, here is a tiny history lesson:

Indian Problem photo.jpg

Much of the real history of this country, in terms of government and Indigenous relations, has been hidden from you. Historically, your media, your educational institutions, and your governments have not disclosed the real reason Indigenous people are so disenfranchised. Here are a few reasons:

  • the Indian Act,

  • the pass system,

  • the 60’s scoop, and

  • residential schools

  • dispossession of land

  • scrip

These government-sanctioned initiatives were responsible for systematically destroying healthy Indigenous families and communities. This is a great place to start your research and to begin transforming ignorance into knowledge.

I honour your journey of discovery.

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