Connect to the Natural World

Connect to the Natural World

Connect to the Natural World


Today, I would like you to connect with the Natural World. Get outside. Get some sunshine on your face. Some raindrops in your hair. Some mud on your feet.

Because when you are out in Nature, you are free to breathe cleaner air. You are not bombarded by all the electronics in your home, or your office. Maybe most important of all, you are free to hear the higher messages from your Spirit. And your Spirit knows all about the freedom and peace you seek.


Connecting to the Natural World is good for your Body and good for your Mind. You feel more alive. You shine brighter. You find your joy easier. You smile more when you’re out in nature connecting with your Relatives. Because you don’t feel alone.

The wind is your Relative.

The birds are your Relatives.

The trees, the plants, the flowers they are your Relatives.

These Beings surround us.

They are family.

You are part of a web of Life.

The snow on the ground, the animals, all of Life, all of the Natural World, are your Relatives.

That’s a pretty big family! 


But for some reason, human beings forget this connection to their larger family. We feel alone in this world. We feel stranded in our houses or in our cities sometimes; and we try to stay connected through our friends on Netflix or Facebook. But the connection doesn’t last for long. It’s back to feeling alone.


You will forget from day to day, and that’s okay.

But every minute that you remember your connection to that web of Life… changes your mood, which changes your day. Every minute that you reach out in fellowship to your Relatives makes you stronger. That connection to the Natural World makes you feel more fulfilled, and that you are a part of something greater than yourself. Don’t you need that vision?


You don’t need to believe that you are alone in the world, that you are by yourself, fighting for the good cause by yourself. Because you are not. You are part of the whole. You are never alone. You just have to go outside to discover this truth. 


I invite you to reach out to your Relatives with a smile, with your attention, with respect and joy. They know when you are happy to see them. Bring your best to this reunion. When you treat the Natural World this way, you lift yourself out of the loneliness and forgetfulness, and into a Sacred way of living. Suddenly you see that we are all in this together. 


So, have a beautiful day. Remember to smell the air, whether it is wet, or hot, or humid, or frigid. Take a deep breath. Because those things, those smells, those sounds, those feelings? They feel good. If you are like me, you want to do things that make you feel good. 


So…see you out there, connecting to Nature, laughing in the sunshine, splashing in the rain, or making snow-angels in the snow. 

join me!