Mission to Love Your SELF

There is a lot of baggage around the word “Self.” None of us want to be selfish, or self-sacrificing, and we certainly don’t want to be seen as self-centred. It is either bad to be selfish or good to be selfless.


Depending on where you are on the journey of Self-discovery, you may find that society’s expectations determines how you how you see your Self. Whether it is your religious training, or economic programming, or just something you adopted as truth along the way, I am on a mission to make everything about your Self good again. 


As a test, see how you feel about words like:

·     Selfish                         

·     Self-involved

·     Self-centred               

·     Self-government

·     Self-seeking               

·     Self-interested

·     Self-confidence          

·     Self-sufficiency

Now see how you feel about words like:

·     Selfless                       

·     Self-sacrificing

·     Self-respect

·     Self-denying   

·     Self-esteem

·     Self-worth

·     Self-disciplined                      

·     Self-reliance


Are you leaning a certain way?


In my posts about traveling with me on my Feet on the Earth Retreats, I talk a lot about communing with your “Sacred Self.”  The “Sacred Self” is a Spiritual term that I’m trying to normalize by inserting it in my everyday language. 


By adding the word Sacred in front of the word Self, you elevate its meaning. All of a sudden, your brain’s normal pathway of judgement is interrupted. A space is created for your Spirit to sit up and take notice. All you need is one tiny window of interruption to allow a remembrance of Who You Really Are to occur. 


Who are you… really?

And what is this Sacred Self?

  •     Your Sacred Self is the Inner You that transcends all training and judgement.

  •     It is the You that you have forgotten. 

  •     Your Sacred Self is the Spiritual aspect of You in human form. 

  •     It is not diminished by human behaviour of any kind.  

  •     Your Sacred Self uses your Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Bodies to exist in this Earthly realm.

  •    Your Sacred Self is not only worthy of love, but also a part of Love itself. 

It’s pretty big, huh?

It’s big enough to deserve our attention on a more daily basis. 


Beyond our existing language and ideas of Self, which are filled with judgement and disapproval, human beings are ultimately “good.” Just by adding a little word “Sacred” to your definition of Self, you elevate your thoughts about your Who You Really Are.

And YOU are good. 

Great even. 

When you think better of your Self, you encourage others to think better of You as well. 


Isn’t it worth it?