Why is Feminism a Bad Word


Why is Feminism a Bad Word?

Even though the world is experiencing this Rise of the Sacred Feminine, which means we are creating a world where all human beings are valued equally, there is still a fear of the word Feminism and a judgement towards women who declare themselves to be Feminists. 

This meme of the Dalai Lama, posted by SheKnows, conveys a very important message for our times. That it is okay to be both a feminist and a peacemaker. In fact, the Dalai Lama suggests it is necessary. That some things, like women’s rights, must be fought for. Equality is a human right worth fighting for.

But I understand the backlash. I get it.

Feminism came into being with a burst of rage. And rage can be scary.

Rage can also be Sacred.


A burst of Sacred Rage was the fuel that empowered a small group of women to break the rules of a society that treated women like second-class citizens. Breaking the rules was, and continues to be, very hard for women. In every stage of our growth women are programmed to be obedient, to follow rules, to be nice, and to not rock the status quo. It takes great courage to go against this training. Every aspect of society is built around female obedience and the free labour of women. Changing this paradigm is a fearful process. For everyone involved. 

rage can be scary…. it can also be sacred.

Rage is a great motivator to overcome fear. Feminism was born from rage because the early Feminists needed rage as ignition to act. Women, and all human beings for that matter, need courage to break the chains that bind them. Sometimes it is the only thing that can get us to change our circumstances. When focused with precision, rage transforms fear into action. This is Sacred Rage.


The Dalai Lama seems to know about this Sacred Rage. The Dalai Lama may not need Sacred Rage to make change in the world, but he knows about oppression and how important it is to release the shackles of our minds.

Feminism may have begun as a burst of rage, but it has transformed into a multi-faceted force of change. Because of Feminism, we have seen changes in legal and government policy, advancement in medical and sexual/reproductive healthcare, improvement in wages and working conditions, and modifications to academic curricula. But we still have a long way to go to ensure equal pay for women, to end violence against women and girls, and to provide financial independence for women all across this globe.

The colonial, patriarchal model is a well-oiled machine that is slow to change. All of these changes have been necessary in creating a better world for women and families. Until all people, regardless of gender, are treated equally, Feminism will continue to exist. Feminism is here to re-establish a world where the Sacred Feminine is as valued as the Sacred Masculine.

The patriarchy is oppressive to women, but not all oppression comes from the outside world. The training has been so effective that most of us don’t need an outside person to oppress us, we have internalized our obedience so completely that we keep ourselves in check. For many Western women, the oppressor is our inner voice. And this infuriates us. 


Sacred Rage is a vital part of awakening and shedding our shackles.


When a person wakes up to the imbalance in our world, it is a very unsettling process. It is infuriating. But it must be faced. The Rise of the Sacred Feminine demands it. Do not be alarmed if you see rage spilling out of an activists’ mouth, be they female, Indigenous, transgendered, a person of colour, or any other oppressed community. Sacred Rage is a necessary phase a person must go through in humanity’s evolution from war-maker to peacemaker. And there are many phases on the path. Do not judge the people you meet who rise up to fight inequality.

She is on a sacred journey of awakening.

Depending on the woman or person awakening to her own oppression, or other’s oppression, she may begin with a burst of rage, and continue to grow and evolve, until she, like the Dalai Lama, becomes a peacemaker. Or she may not. But she is on a Sacred journey of awakening. Each phase of the journey is vital and important. The Rise of the Sacred Feminine requires each person to unravel the inner and outer limitations that bind them in their own way. Feminism is part of that unraveling.

In the Rise of the Sacred Feminine, human beings are meant to awaken to their full potential. The Dalai Lama knows this. And he declares himself to be a Feminist.

Will you choose to see Feminism in a new light?

Will you pick up the challenge yourself and accept your role as Feminist or Sacred Warrior?

I invite you to do your part to help us all become peacemakers.

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