A Love Letter to Men

A Love Letter to Men

A Love Letter to Men

As someone who has immersed herself in the deep mystery of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine, I’ve come to a place where I must stop and take a moment to give thanks.

Thanks to Men in particular.

To the Men in my life, and to Men in general.  Thank you.

Many of you came forth with loving arms, tender hearts, and strong shoulders when I needed you most. You rose up to say, “I’m sorry” when my Soul needed to hear that more than life itself. You took accountability for hurts that you did not commit just to bring healing to my heart. You helped me shine my Feminine Power and responded to its beauty. I am forever grateful.

So I want to return the favour.

Because of your generosity and love, I am able to facilitate the Rise of the Sacred Feminine in others. I am able to play mid-wife to a massive transformation that is happening to Women of the Earth. And when Women change, Men must follow suit. I acknowledge that can’t be easy for you.

So I’m writing this Love Letter to say thanks. You may not need to hear it, but it’s nice to know a Woman out there sees you and recognizes your contribution, and honours your powerful gifts during this changing time.


My Confession

I was mad at Men for a long time. (See my TEDx Talk to see why.) I was taught that all Human Beings are Sacred. But I didn’t really believe it. I had been bamboozled into believing, like all of us had, that some Humans are less than others. That Women are less than Men. That there is an absence of Feminine Power. 

I believed this. I fully believed I had no Power. So I gave all my Power over to you.

By doing that, I left a huge void that needed to be filled. Instead of filling it with self-love, I filled it with rage and blame. I blamed Men for being too powerful. I blamed Men for taking what they wanted. I blamed Men for having too much authority.

By focusing so intensely on what Men had or did, I didn’t notice the contribution that Women made to the imbalance of Power. In fact, I didn’t even realize that Women had Power. It took me years to realize that Women were not only powerful, but also formidable. And they were equally capable of harming Men.


And I am sorry.


I am sorry for harming you.

With my rage. With my victimhood. With my blame. With my persecution. With my helplessness. And my judgement. These have been my weapons of “bringing you down.” And I am so sorry for not recognizing my own Power in wielding them.

Today, I’ve reclaimed my Feminine Power and I can see clearly. I see that I have misused and rejected my Power. By not loving myself. Or protecting myself. Or honouring my own needs.

I did not recognize my own Sacredness. By missing my own inner beauty, I missed all the beauty of the Sacred Masculine.

And that robbed me of so much richness. 

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Your Masculine power, in its Sacred form, is magnificent!

It’s intoxicating.

It is strong, penetrating, protective and decisive.

It is focused, sexy, determined, committed, and illuminated.

It ignites the Sacred Feminine with its fire.

it adores and worships all the aspects of the Sacred Feminine as equal to its own.

It is awe-inspiring.

So, with a humble, awe-inspired heart, I write you this Love Letter.


My Love Letter

Dear Men,

I honour you. 

I honour the Power within you.

I bow in reverence to your beauty.

To that angular, masculine beauty. 

When your broad shoulders tense in preparation for action. 

When your eyes narrow in that brilliant, single focus that blocks out all else. 

When your joy can’t be contained in that expansive chest so it explodes out your arms with laughter.

When you do that “right thing” that sets your heart on fire, which of course, sets our hearts on fire.

When you encompass us in that protective circle that only your vision and arms can embrace.

When you sit with your thoughts until you radiate a stillness that takes our breath away. 

When we break down, and you create that Space around us that only a Man can create. 

When you discover the deep inner world of feelings and vulnerability and stand firmly in its mess. 

When you lead with your Heart with ferocity and tenderness.

When you stand accountable for your mistakes and wrong-doings.

When you listen to others with that intense curiosity and compassion.

When you find your purpose and catapult this world to a better place.

These are the most beautiful qualities in the world.

This is sacredness in action.

This is you changing the world.

This is your part in the Rise of the Sacred Feminine.

And I see it every day. 

Today, I see you.

I see you through the eyes of Love.

And I thank you.

My Gratitude

Like every Sacred Human, I stumble out of Love occasionally.

For those days when I don’t see you, or can’t see you, I ask for your forgiveness. And your patience.

For I will not be perfect in loving you.  I will sometimes forget to see your brilliance. I will forget to remember my own.


But right now, while I stand in my own glorious Feminine Power, I can see the exquisite Masculine Power that resides in you. And I honour it. I welcome it.

I receive it.

For that is what the Sacred Feminine does. It receives. And welcomes. And loves.

I love you and I thank you.

love Grandmother Wind

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