The Year of the "Rise of the Sacred Feminine"

The Year of the Rise of the Sacred Feminine


I have named 2019 to be, “The Year of the Rise of the Sacred Feminine.” In truth, the rise of the Sacred Feminine has been going on for decades. I just think we should put words on paper about this shift from a Masculine-aligned world to one where both the Feminine and the Masculine principals are revered. The more we record our observations of a shifting paradigm, the more evidence will appear. Even those who cringe at the word “Feminine” will begin to see evidence of a changing world.


Before we can see a “rise” in the Sacred Feminine, we must know what it is. 


What is the Sacred Feminine?


The Sacred Feminine is the feminine force of creation that embodies the qualities of nurturing, receptivity, creativity, compassion, intuition, sensuality, inclusion, mystery, renewal and unconditional love. 

And to help put this in a wider context. The Sacred Masculine is the masculine force of creation that embodies the qualities of action, drive, focus, illumination, determination, penetration, achievement, logic, order, and higher consciousness.


Every human being possesses both feminine and masculine principles and potentials. Although the Sacred Feminine is equally present in all genders, many of its qualities have been denigrated and assigned to being merely female and therefore “less than.”


According to the Christian religion, the Divine Feminine is often portrayed as a human woman, like Mother Mary. This Feminine embodiment is seen as a motherly figure who possesses piety, humility, virtuousness, godliness, holiness, strength, faithfulness, lack of doubt, and maternal instinct. The other human woman portrayed in the Christian religion is Mary Magdalene, who embodies the other Divine Feminine qualities of sensuality, openness, receptivity, forgiveness, and mystery. Alas, a human woman cannot contain all that is the Sacred Feminine.


In Eastern traditions, the universe is considered to be made up of opposing forces thatcoexist by competing and complementing each other. The Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine, such Yin and Yang, or Shiva and Shakti, always come in pairs. “Yin is characterized as an inward energy that is feminine, still, dark, and negative. On the other hand, yang is characterized as outward energy, masculine, hot, bright, and positive.” (Jun Shan,


 According to my Cree and Anishinaabe Elders, the Sacred Feminine is an interconnectedness with all Beings. It is the Water of Life. The rise of the Sacred Feminine then, is the fluid “return to knowledge” of humanity’s interconnectedness with all Beings and all Life. It is recognizing Mother Earth as a Living Being, who is our Sacred Mother. When this “return of knowledge occurs,” humanity will remember its Sacred Purpose of being Keepers of the Earth.


The Sacred Feminine resides in every single living Being. As does the Sacred Masculine. Now that we have practised honouring our Sacred Masculine for hundreds and thousands of years, we have sufficiently mastered it. Now, we must rebalance our Masculine systems, structures, rituals, relationships, and ideas about ourselves by redeveloping our skills in honouring our Sacred Feminine.


How do we rebalance?


We have to start recognizing what the Rise of the Sacred Feminine looks like.


  • It looks like a rise in Self-respect and self-esteem.

  • It looks like a rise in heart-centred business and communication.

  • It looks like a gentle rise in acceptance of emotional expression.

  • It looks like a decline in rigid gender roles.

  • It looks like a decline in racist attitudes.

  • It looks like women, two spirits, and children being Silent No More.

  • It looks like the empowerment of the Feminine Voice.

  • It looks like the empowerment of the Indigenous Voice.

  • It looks like the empowerment of the Earth’s Voice.

  • It looks like Men being allowed to soften.

  • It looks like Men honouring their own vulnerability.

  • It looks like a rise in self-accountability.

  • It looks like a rise in respect for your fellow Human Beings.

  • It looks like a rise in respect for the Animal Beings.

  • It looks like a rise in respect for All Beings everywhere.

  • It looks like a rise in Love.


Will you let this year be one in which you notice the rise of the Sacred Feminine? Will you notice the changes in values and practises around you?


I challenge you to take it one step further. From the list above, what can you do to contribute to the Rise in the Sacred Feminine? Choose three practises to adopt or let “rise” in yourself. 


The world will thank you for it in a few hundred years.

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