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Are We Afraid of Silence?

I am a sensitive individual and its no secret that the Music Messengers was born to satisfy a need within me to build a gentler world where the noise level of our 21st century lifestyle is turned down a notch or two. Or three. And the subject matter of our thoughts, and musical creations, is dialled a degree or two towards the sunshine.

We have reached the highest point of chaos and I’m encouraging the pendulum to swing back the other way, at least back to centre.


Why have we grown so accustomed to loud music? When did it become acceptable to shout to be heard in retail shops, in restaurants, or even walking down a busy street? 


Are we so afraid of the silence that we’ve lost our ability to sit in it?


Connect to the Natural World

Today, I would like you to connect with the Natural World. Get outside. Get some sunshine on your face. Some raindrops in your hair. Some mud on your feet.

Because when you are out in Nature, you are free to breathe cleaner air. You are not bombarded by all the electronics in your home, or your office. Maybe most important of all, you are free to hear the higher messages from your Spirit. And your Spirit knows all about the freedom and peace you seek.