Who We Are

Music Messengers are vocally- and lyrically-based songwriters who sing about the beauty of life and celebrate the journey of the human spirit. These purposeful and highly focused singers are not just producing songs of joy, they are intentionally creating their own brand of Positive Music. Music Messengers are varied in style and genre, but similar in their attention to empowering ideas and optimistic attitudes.


Music Messengers are conscious of the effect that “sound” has on a human being and they are attempting to create a more harmonious vibration. Because of the environmental sensitivities growing in a large part of the population, which also includes sound pollution, negative valence and strong vibration, Music Messengers were born out of a need to bring comfort and relief to these highly responsive individuals. This rising demographic is demanding a more peaceful, harmonious world in which to live naturally. They are wanting to hear music with impeccable lyrics, and uplifting messages of hope. These sensitive individuals are challenging the present music industry to form a new standard of music that is alert to the power of positive and negative frequency. Music Messengers have taken up the challenge, often because they are highly sensitive themselves, and are beginning to intentionally create harmonious music and eliminate more negative subjects from their songs. 


  • are singers who use their words and voice to communicate a message of hope and joy.

  • aspire to raise the consciousness of humanity by creating songs that raise the thoughts of the individual.

  • have earned their role as teacher. They have successfully passed through the initiations of their own dramas, taken responsibility for their creations, and learned to translate this mystical journey into song for the benefit of others.

  • create music as an act of service.

  • are the musical equivalent of inspirational authors; like self-help books, their songs are meant to inspire and educate.