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An accomplished Métis singer, songwriter, speaker and actress, Andrea Menard crosses cultural and language boundaries by leading from her heart. She has released 4 award-winning albums and 2 television programs, debuted her own symphony show, spearheaded a positive music initiative, and has performed and spoken all over the world.

One of the stars of the Netflix series, Blackstone, Andrea is a five-time Gemini-nominated actress, a 15-time music award winner, and her TEDx Talk called “Silent No More” has reached over 125,000 views.

Andrea is an Expert in Feminine Leadership and trains individuals to “Lead Like a Goddess.” An advocate for reconciliation and rematriation, she helps women, men and all-gendered people to name, reclaim and embody the qualities of the Sacred Feminine.

Andrea has performed for Royalty, Prime Ministers, Governor-Generals, residential school Survivors, families of the missing and murdered Indigenous Women, and even sang her song “Peace” to the world’s NATO Generals.


Promoting Balance

Andrea dedicates her life and work to promoting balance, reconciliation and unity among all nations. As an Indigenous woman who has honed her own voice, Andrea works to empower both the Indigenous and the Feminine voice by rematriating the larger culture. She leads others back to their authentic Self by singing uplifting songs, telling inspiring stories, teaching workshops and healing modalities, and providing wisdom from her ancestral teachers, the Patchwork Grandmothers.

Andrea's traditional Cree name is Notigwew Yutin, which means Grandmother Wind. Born in Manitoba, Andrea is a proud member of the Metis Nation of Canada.



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Welcome to my Blog!

I'm Andrea... or if you know me by my traditional Cree name…I’m Grandmother Wind.

I'm here to uplift you with positive messages, good news, and topics that relate to Indigenous wisdom and the Rise of the Sacred Feminine. As an entertainer, a Song Keeper, a messenger, and an expert in Feminine Leadership, I offer you tips and quips about your Sacred nature, and your part in our beautifully changing world.


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Grandmother Wind invites all initiates of the Sacred Feminine to put their Feet on the Earth, and journey with me to various Sacred locations around the globe.

I will help you relax, release and rejuvenate as you dive deep into your Sacred Self.

Join us for our 8-day retreat on April 18-25th, 2020.

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Music & Message

TEDx Talk

Watch Andrea's 2018 TEDx Stanley Park talk called: Silent No More - Using Your Voice to End Violence Against Women. With over 125,000 views, help Andrea spread the word.

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Silent no More

In support of her TEDx talk, Andrea's released a new single, called Silent No More, to help end the silence around violence against women. Written by Andrea & Robert Walsh.

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Your talk at the Indigenous Women’s Leadership Summit allowed me for the first time to embrace my womanhood and realize the power of femininity! I realized that so much of my life and career, I thought I had to be like a man to be successful. I honestly never even realized that until the middle of your talk. You released me from chains I never knew I had and helped me define and own my power.
— Jennifer Grenz, PhD Candidate