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Andrea Menard is an accomplished Métis singer, actress, and speaker who crosses cultural and language boundaries by speaking from her heart. One of the stars of the Netflix series, Blackstone, Andrea has released four award-winning cds, has written and starred in two television programs, and has performed and spoken all over the world. 

Andrea is one of the 2018 speakers for the prestigious TEDx Stanley Park. Her talk, called Silent No More, encourages others to end the silence around violence against women. As an Indigenous woman who has honed her own voice, Andrea Menard dedicates her life and work to empowering both the Indigenous and the Feminine voice.

As a professional speaker, she uses her life as a Métis celebrity, a music messenger, and an advocate for reconciliation to entertain and inspire audiences from all walks of life. Whether she is addressing a hall of businesswomen, a high security room full of NATO Generals, or a stadium of Indigenous youth, Andrea's uplifting musical keynotes land exactly where they need to – in the heart. 

This inspiring, and funny keynote speaker continues to bring joy and break down barriers wherever she goes.



Watch Andrea's TEDx Stanley Park Talk

The Canadian Parks Council hosted Andrea to speak at a national dinner event attended by key members of Canada’s conservation community.
Andrea spoke from the heart and presented a personal tribute and message to our collective contributions centred on changing the dialogue about the importance of nature to our health and well-being. Andrea has a beautiful spirit, an extraordinary voice, and an essential message for all to hear.

— Dawn Carr, M.A., M.P.A. Executive Director, Canadian Parks Council | Conseil Canadien des Parcs
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Keynote Topics

What is Feminine Leadership?

Own Your Voice, Hone Your Brilliance

Reconciliation: A Journey Out of Us & Them

What is Feminine Leadership?

Andrea Menard is an expert in Feminine leadership. As an accomplished Métis singer, actress, and speaker, Andrea uses her gifts in emotional expression to help individuals and organizations embrace the changing leadership paradigm from one of control to one of service. 

Feminine leadership is not female leadership. Hidden in the realm of the Sacred Feminine are the skills and attributes all human beings need to find balance in their organizations and stability in their world. Some of these skills include:

  • emotional aptitude

  • receptivity

  • creativity

  • collaboration

From an Indigenous worldview, Feminine leadership is recognized as not only an effective and essential model for better work environments and wholistic growth, but also sorely undervalued as a viable model of 21st century leadership. Let Andrea’s skill in translating the language of Feminine leadership help your organization thrive. 


Own your Voice, Hone Your Brilliance

Are you forcing yourself to fit into an old system? Have you been criticized for being too emotional? Are you successfully activating your masculine qualities, but when your feminine qualities come forth, you clam up? It might be time to Own Your Voice and Hone Your Brilliance.

According to Elders, it is time for the Sacred Feminine to shine.
For this to happen, women and men must let their authentic self step out of the shadows and into the light.

Let critically acclaimed, Métis performer and TEDx speaker, Andrea Menard, help you change the system from within by finding and honouring your authentic feminine voice. Do not fret if no one recognizes your unique feminine talents. This culture does not know how…yet.
That is our job. To show them how bright and beautiful this world can be.

Using the wisdom of her Indigenous culture and her expertise in Feminine Leadership, Andrea Menard will help you own your voice and hone your brilliance. For that is what you came here to do.


Reconciliation: A Journey Out of Us & Them

As a Métis woman who has lived a life of Reconciliation, celebrated Métis actress and singer Andrea Menard is committed to making the invitation set forth by the Truth & Reconciliation Commission to “seek reconciliation with Indigenous people”, simple, straight forward and pain free.

Andrea’s uplifting keynote and workshops offer effective strategies, provide missing knowledge, and create safe spaces for those businesses and organizations interested in creating better relationships with their fellow Indigenous Canadians. 

Leave this session with 2 or 3 action items that you can adopt to bring your organization or business closer to reconciliation.  


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Andrea Menard’s presentation on “Reconciliation: A Journey Out of Us & Them” inspired our small business owners to seek meaningful ways to integrate reconciliation into their business. With the tools that Andrea provided during her session, businesses have the knowledge and insight to move closer towards reconciliation.
— Deneen Everett, Executive Director | Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce

Event Planners

Andrea knows how hard you work!

To make your life easier, all the detailed information you need about Andrea’s talk or performance is available in this downloadable document.

Thank you for everything you do.

On behalf of the Board and over 1,000 participants of the 2018 Vision Quest Conference & Trade Show, I would like to sincerely thank Andrea for sharing her time, talents, expertise, and experience as a keynote speaker at this year’s 22nd annual event. Andrea’s presentation, with her incredible energy, was a highlight for our delegates.
— Kim Bullard, Chair - Vision Quest Conference


Andrea has been hired as the keynote speaker for such varied organizations as:

Indigenous Women in Leadership

Canadian Parks Council

Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce

YES 2018 (Young Entrepreneurs Symposium)

Vision Quest Conference

Wiichihiwayshinawn Foundation’s Métis Awards

UNICEF (Stuttgart, Germany)

All Nations Hope AIDS Society

Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) 

Aboriginal Housing

Saskatoon CHW (Hadassah-WIZO) and Congregation Agudas Israel sponsored Silver Spoon Dinner. 

Andrea is a messenger of the highest order. Walking the talk as she goes through the fires of life is what makes her an inspirational leader. Andrea holds the light so that other’s may shine in their own.

— Karen Jeffery Former Manager, Village and Plaza Events - Whistler 2010 Olympics Creative and Artistic Producer Arts Administrator
Andrea Menard is not just a popular entertainer, but she is a powerful voice for social justice in our Canadian society. Yes she is very talented, but these talents are presented with strong instincts for social justice and with a big heart. Andrea’s acting has presented important issues, her singing/songwriting has given people hope and optimism in dealing with these issues, and her personal integrity has given her message credibility.
— Bart Begalka, M.A., M.Ed. Ed. D, Graduate Program in Counselling Psychology Trinity Western University