Passion is the Essence of Life

Are you asking yourself, “Why isn’t anything happening?” Or “where did my passion go?”
If so, then I have good news.

The Patchwork Grandmothers say “Let it go for a while!” They love a good, blank slate to work with. And by blank slate they mean empty, hollow, sluggish, dispassionate, and lacking enthusiasm.
Sound familiar?
The Patchwork Grandmothers remind us that our passion never really goes away.

Passion is the very essence of Life. And we are a part of Life itself.
Here are some soothing words from the Grandmothers:
Beloved Grandchild,

We want to remind you that You are Sacred. 
Every state of BEing that a Human Being experiences is Sacred. 
We want to help you break down the judgements about your empty and hollow times. And yes, even your depressed and passionless times.
When you feel nothingness, or emptiness, or a lack of passion, you become fearful that purpose, passion and joy will never return. 
From where we sit in the Spirit Realm, we know it will. It must.
From where we sit, we see the Womb of Creation being seeded with your Dreams.
We see that Nothingness creating Something-ness.
We see that Void rolling out new Creations.
Birthing your Visions.
The Void is necessary for the next steps of your journey.
Do not fear the Void. 
Embrace those empty, passionless times.
Just Be.
Instead of squirming away from the fear you feel, surrender to the Present Moment. Let serenity replace that fear.
Just BE.
When you let your state of Being just BE, a thick fog of emotion and judgement transforms into clear, potential energy. 
Give yourself a few moments of being passionless. Of being empty.
See what seeds are planted in that succulent Womb of Creation.
We love you.

Thank you, Grandchild, for the work you do.
We honour you.