Rising Consciousness Series

I don't know about you, but I love those educational and spiritual online summits that bring conscious leaders together to speak and share wisdom for us about a common problem.  I want to tell you about the latest one I've been a part of: “The Rising Consciousness Series”.

The Rising Consciousness Series truly is raising the roof on consciousness.
Hosted by renowned Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Healer, Tara Antler, this powerful and soulful (FREE) series will elevate your perspective and help you tune into your Spirit’s guidance. You know that's right up my alley!

Until March 5th, you'll receive 2 high vibe conversations a day on rising consciousness from leading authors, spiritual teachers and conscious speakers.....including your own Grandmother Wind.

My conversation will be broadcast on Feb 23rd!

Sign up now to have a listen! Even if you are late in signing up, you can still participate in "The Rising Consciousness Series" until March 4th. You will have the videos available to you for life. Simply click the following link:
 http://www.risingconsciousnesslive.com and enter your information.

I particularly loved the conversation with Sue Morter. Wow!

Let me know what you think.