Love to Sponsors Time!!


My TEDx Stanley Park talk is: "Violence Against Women Silences Too Many Valuable Voices in our Society.

Because sexual violence is a hard subject to approach, it matters to me that I had loving, Indigenous faces in the audience on my big day! 

As many of you know, I embarked on a campaign to buy 20 tickets for my community, so Indigenous Elders, youth and frontline workers could attend my TEDx Stanley Park talk on March 3, 2018.

I want to applaud TD Indigenous Banking for immediately saying YES to a financial donation.

Thank you TD Bank for sponsoring 10 tickets for members of my Indigenous community. Because of supporters like TD, over 25 Elders, youth and advocates were with me at my TEDx Stanley Park event. Whoohooo!

TEDx TD thanks.JPG

And I also want to honour the supporters who donated to my GoFundMe campaign too. Because of you, I was able to buy another 10 seats for my community.

Can I just say, that my friends across Canada are amazing!!

The day was a huge success because of you. Thank you.

Love Andrea