Be Transparent

Hello and tawnshii, kiyawow, I’m Grandmother Wind, Andrea Menard, with a message from the Patchwork Grandmothers. The Patchwork Grandmothers are my beloved ancestral teachers from the other side of the veil who help guide me and others to live our best life.


"The Patchwork Grandmothers once conveyed a picture to me of human beings being like a patchwork quilt."

"The Patchwork Grandmothers once conveyed a picture to me of human beings being like a patchwork quilt."

The Patchwork Grandmothers once conveyed a picture to me of human beings being like a patchwork quilt. Sounds beautiful, right?

I got the impression that this patchwork quilt wasn’t necessarily a beautiful creation, like when our grandmothers make their precious patchwork quilts. This was more like patches of shadows and secrets hidden among our bodies and our energy fields. The Grandmothers say it holds our joy back, these little patchworks of secrets. So, this is their way of saying, be transparent. Let those secrets go. Let go of those things that dull your light.

The Grandmothers are always saying that we have beauty to share. All of who we are - the flaws, or our perceived flaws, as well as our gifts - is what makes us unique and beautiful. Being transparent is a commitment to looking at all those little shadowed patches—those patches that we hide from the world thinking that nobody could possibly love those parts. And, that’s a lie. It’s a total falsehood because the Grandmothers, from their perspective say, “It’s all lovable. You’re the only one who doesn’t think so.”

We get reflections from our family and friends that those shadowed patches of us are not lovable, but ultimately, they reflect those parts as unlovable because we don’t love them. We are ashamed. And we think it is the world shaming us.

The Grandmothers say that the times are changing. All of that stuff, all of those things that we hide, on an individual basis and on a collective basis, is coming to the surface anyway. It's bad news for those who want to keep their secrets hidden, but good news for the whole. When you don’t have any shadowed parts of you, you can’t be lied to. You are transparent and can see when others are not being transparent. You can only be lied to and controlled when you are too concerned with keeping those shadowed patches of yourself hidden. Hooking into each other’s shadows, and enjoying the patchwork faults and flaws of another is an old way of responding.

The Grandmothers say this way of interacting with each other is moving away off the planet. It's coming to a close. Wouldn’t that be great? I love the idea that we can’t be lied to anymore. Or that we can’t lie to ourselves or our loved ones anymore.

"By being transparent, you change your behaviours. The level of transparency the world reveals to you is the level of transparency you are able to embody."

If each one of us, in our own way, becomes brave, becomes courageous, and reveals and faces our own little shadows patch by patch by patch by patch, we’re not just changing our lives, but changing the whole way that humanity responds and relates to each other. It’s a good way of being. To be transparent means you are trustworthy, and to be trustworthy means that others will gravitate toward you. You will give permission to others to give up their own shadows and be trustworthy as well. One person at a time will create this way of being.

The Patchwork Grandmothers encourage you to look at all of those shadowed places, those demons, shadows, shames—the things that you want to hide from the world. In the privacy of your own heart, in the privacy of your own sacred space, in your prayers, take a look. Shine the light on them and I promise that they’re not as ugly and shadowed as you think. The Grandmothers say, “Grandchildren. That’s just who you are and this shadow is just a spot on the evolution of your growth. It’s just a moment—this little shadowed moment is coming up right now to help you on your journey. It is good." 

All of it is good. Isn’t it great to be so loved for who you are? 

I encourage you to be transparent. Love all those shadowed places and watch the world love you in return.

I’ll be the first. I love you.