You are the Ocean of Creation

The Patchwork Grandmothers would like to share a few direct words with you. Enjoy the love they continually send your way.

My precious Grandchild.

 You do not need to look at the surface of a still pond to see the true reflection of your Sacred Nature.

Everything around you is a reflection of your Sacredness.

A moment to moment representation of your state of Being.

Look around you, Grandchild.

What do you see?

Do you see the beauty of life? In a smile of a stranger? Or a bird’s song?

Or do you see only ugliness?

Take the reflections as teachers.

reflections june 13.jpg

Become aware of what you hold in your heart. Are you thinking ugly thoughts about yourself? Or banishing what you believe to be ugly feelings?

The Patchwork Grandmothers want you to know that there is nothing ugly about you.

We know who you are.

You are the Ocean of Creation in one little drop of water.

And the ocean of Creation holds EVERYTHING in its loving embrace.


Shine a light on your present state of Being.

Are you honouring yourself? Or not.

Are you remembering who are you? Or not.

Life is your mirror.

Let yourself see all of you, Grandchild.

Be educated by everything around you.

Your state of Being can change any moment.

Look at others with compassion and say, “that is ME too.”

For it is true.

You are all connected.

Love yourself.

Honour yourself.

We love you.

The Patchwork Grandmothers