Let Those Energies Create Space

Grandmother Wind is writing after a little hiatus with some new experiences and insights to share. I have been on a hiatus from you here, but certainly not on a hiatus from life and commitments. Life doesn’t stop, does it? Our loved ones and our beloved jobs still require us to show up fully - regardless of how tired we may be or how anxious we may be feeling.
You may expect the Patchwork Grandmothers to say, “Slow down. Take care of yourself.” Which of course is true. But today, they are sending out a different message. One that reminds us:

  • to honour whatever we are going through at whatever moment we happen to notice.

  • that nothing is given to us that we can’t handle.

  • to tune in and pay attention.

Their message today is: Let those Energies Create Space.
As the world speeds along, are you running to catch up?
Are you dancing in a mess of chaos?
Good.  Let’s assume it’s not a bad thing.
That's definitely a good thing.

What if the Grandmothers are saying…the speeding up effect is to knock the “same-old, same-old” pattern off its course. When you are running to catch up, you can’t be circling the same old track you have always travelled, can you? The rut in the road is washed away by the tidal wave of emotions, experiences, ideas, commitments, and surprises that come your way instead. That’s definitely a good thing.
It may seem overwhelming, and your energy levels might be all over the place. But let the new, uncluttered path in front of you soothe you.
If nothing is familiar – then nothing is boring.
If nothing is repetitive – then no old patterns are tripping you up.
Notice that All is new.
All is open to your highest potential.
There is brand new Space within you that wasn’t there before.
Nothing new can be born without clearing some of the old. That is what the speed, chaos and busyness are helping to create in your life. SPACE.
Take a moment to notice the new space WITHIN you. You may not feel it outside, but see what’s happening on the inside.
The more space you open up, the more connected to Creation you feel.

I love you.

Be Yourself

Be Yourself

When you have the courage to be yourself, you become your own best friend.

YOU become that special someone who gives you the love and support you always wanted. And that makes you very magnetic to be around. One who loves him or herself (or themselves) is much more capable of being a best friend to others.

You are the Ocean of Creation

The Patchwork Grandmothers would like to share a few direct words with you. Enjoy the love they continually send your way.

My precious Grandchild.

 You do not need to look at the surface of a still pond to see the true reflection of your Sacred Nature.

Everything around you is a reflection of your Sacredness.

A moment to moment representation of your state of Being.

Look around you, Grandchild.

What do you see?

Do you see the beauty of life? In a smile of a stranger? Or a bird’s song?

Or do you see only ugliness?

Take the reflections as teachers.

reflections june 13.jpg

Become aware of what you hold in your heart. Are you thinking ugly thoughts about yourself? Or banishing what you believe to be ugly feelings?

The Patchwork Grandmothers want you to know that there is nothing ugly about you.

We know who you are.

You are the Ocean of Creation in one little drop of water.

And the ocean of Creation holds EVERYTHING in its loving embrace.


Shine a light on your present state of Being.

Are you honouring yourself? Or not.

Are you remembering who are you? Or not.

Life is your mirror.

Let yourself see all of you, Grandchild.

Be educated by everything around you.

Your state of Being can change any moment.

Look at others with compassion and say, “that is ME too.”

For it is true.

You are all connected.

Love yourself.

Honour yourself.

We love you.

The Patchwork Grandmothers