Are We Afraid of Silence?

I am a sensitive individual and its no secret that the Music Messengers was born to satisfy a need within me to build a gentler world where the noise level of our 21st century lifestyle is turned down a notch or two. Or three. And the subject matter of our thoughts, and musical creations, is dialled a degree or two towards the sunshine.

We have reached the highest point of chaos and I’m encouraging the pendulum to swing back the other way, at least back to centre.


Why have we grown so accustomed to loud music? When did it become acceptable to shout to be heard in retail shops, in restaurants, or even walking down a busy street? 


Are we so afraid of the silence that we’ve lost our ability to sit in it?


Why is Feminism a Bad Word

Why is Feminism a Bad Word?

Even though the world is experiencing this Rise of the Sacred Feminine, which means we are creating a world where all human beings are valued equally, there is still a fear of the word Feminism and a judgement towards women who declare themselves to be Feminists. 

This meme of the Dalai Lama, posted by SheKnows, conveys a very important message for our times. That it is okay to be both a feminist and a peacemaker. In fact, the Dalai Lama suggests it is necessary. That some things, like women’s rights, must be fought for. Equality is a human right worth fighting for.

But I understand the backlash. I get it.

Feminism came into being with a burst of rage. And rage can be scary.

Rage can also be Sacred.

Mission to Love Your SELF

There is a lot of baggage around the word “Self.” None of us want to be selfish, or self-sacrificing, and we certainly don’t want to be seen as self-centred. It is either bad to be selfish or good to be selfless.


Depending on where you are on the journey of Self-discovery, you may find that society’s expectations determines how you how you see your Self. Whether it is your religious training, or economic programming, or just something you adopted as truth along the way, I am on a mission to make everything about your Self good again. 

Connect to the Natural World

Today, I would like you to connect with the Natural World. Get outside. Get some sunshine on your face. Some raindrops in your hair. Some mud on your feet.

Because when you are out in Nature, you are free to breathe cleaner air. You are not bombarded by all the electronics in your home, or your office. Maybe most important of all, you are free to hear the higher messages from your Spirit. And your Spirit knows all about the freedom and peace you seek.

Sacred Warriors

With the encroachment of oil and gas companies on Indigenous territories; with the ever-growing number of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada; and with the harsh realities that many Indigenous people still face in this country, I want to take the time to acknowledge the Sacred Warriors.

The Sacred Warriors are the vigilant educators, wisdom keepers, cultural advisors, peace makers, and activists, who are working to make our world a better place for all. Their empathy runs deep. Until all of Mother Earth’s children are taken care of, they feel no comfort in their minds or hearts. The Sacred Warriors work to wake us up. And they refuse to let the Canadian mass consciousness slip back into a forgetful slumber.

A Love Letter to Men

As someone who has immersed herself in the deep mystery of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine, I’ve come to a place where I must stop and take a moment to give thanks.

Thanks to Men in particular.

To the Men in my life, and to Men in general.  Thank you.

Many of you came forth with loving arms, tender hearts, and strong shoulders when I needed you most. You rose up to say, “I’m sorry” when my Soul needed to hear that more than life itself. You took accountability for hurts that you did not commit just to bring healing to my heart. You helped me shine my Feminine Power and responded to its beauty. I am forever grateful.

So I want to return the favour.